Battery Maintenance

Our experience has demonstrated that the key factor to accomplishing ideal execution and long battery life is to take after a standard care and upkeep.

While checking on our battery upkeep tips, it would be ideal if you remember that all battery frameworks are one of a kind. Battery write, charger innovation, gear loads, link size, atmosphere, and different variables would all be able to shift. Slight or critical, these distinctions will require battery upkeep to be balanced as needs be. These are just rules to take after for legitimate battery mind. Every specific framework will dependably require a level of redid consideration.

Battery Maintenance Facts

A battery resembles a piggy bank, in the event that you continue taking out, and returning nothing, you before long will have nothing.

Normal battery life has turned out to be shorter as vitality necessities have expanded. Life expectancy relies upon use; a half (6 months) year to four years(48 months), yet just 30% of all batteries really come to the four(4) years point.

Basic things of Battery Maintenance

The lead-acid battery is comprised of plates, lead and lead oxide (different components are utilized to change thickness, hardness, porosity, and so on.) with a 35% sulfuric corrosive and 65% water arrangement. This arrangement is called electrolyte which causes a substantial response that creates electrons. When you test a battery with a hydrometer you are estimating the measure of sulfuric corrosive in the electrolyte. In the event that your perusing is low, that implies the science that makes electrons is deficient. So where did the sulfur go? It has adhered to the batteries positive plates and when you revive the battery the sulfur comes back to the electrolyte.


Expel all gems from hands; wear security goggles and plastic gloves. Work far from open blazes and no smoking, hydrogen gas that batteries make while charging is exceptionally hazardous. Sulfuric Acid gobbles up cotton attire, however, does not influence polyester or fleece. While doing electrical work on vehicles it is best to separate the ground link. Simply recollect you are upsetting destructive corrosive, touchy gases and 100’s amps of electrical current.

Battery Regular Maintenance

Battery Maintenance is a vital issue. The battery ought to be perfect. Link association should be perfect and fixed. Numerous battery issues are caused by filthy and free associations. Useful battery needs the liquid level checked frequently and just at a full charge. The liquid level will dependably be higher at a full charge. Refined water is ideal; tap water is stacked with synthetic concoctions and minerals that are destructive to your battery, however not as terrible as no water. Try not to pack battery cells particularly in a hotter climate. The characteristic liquid extension in the sweltering climate will push overabundance electrolytes from the battery. To avoid erosion of links on top post batteries, utilize a little globule of silicon sealer at the base of the post and place a felt battery washer over it. Coat the washer with high-temperature oil or oil jam (Vaseline). At that point put the link on the post and fix, coat the uncovered link end with the oil. Most people don’t have the foggiest idea about that simply the gases from the battery consolidating on metal parts cause generally consumption.

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Battery Testing

To gauge particular gravity purchase a temperature of remunerating hydrometer at a vehicle parts store. To quantify voltage, utilize a computerized D.C. Voltmeter.

You should first have the battery completely charged. The surface charge must be expelled before testing. On the off chance that the battery has been setting no less than 6 hours you may start testing. To expel surface charge the battery must experience a heap of 20 amps for 3 or more minutes. Turning on the headlights (high pillar) will do the trap. In the wake of killing the lights, you are prepared to test the battery.

* Sulfation of Batteries begins when particular gravity falls underneath 1.225 or voltage measures under 12.4 (12v Battery) or 6.2 (6 volt battery). Sulfation solidifies the battery plates lessening and in the long run decimating the capacity of the battery to create Volts and Amps.

Load testing is yet another method for testing a battery. Load test expels amps from a battery much like beginning a motor would. A heap analyzer can be bought at most vehicle parts stores. Some battery organizations name their battery with the amp stack for testing. This number is normally 1/2 of the CCA rating. For example, a 500CCA battery would stack test at 250 amps for 15 seconds. A heap test must be performed if the battery is close or at full charge.

The consequences of your testing ought to be as per the following.

Hydrometer readings ought not shift more than .05 distinction between cells in a solid sound battery.

Computerized Voltmeters should read as the voltage is appeared in this archive. The fixed AGM and Gel-Cell battery voltage (full charged) will be somewhat higher in the 12.8 to 12.9 territories. In the event that you have voltage readings in the 10.5 volts go on a charged battery, which demonstrates a shorted cell.

If all else fails about battery testing, call the battery producer. call us for any clarifications or service on 9247753412,9160004772,9160004534,9160673696.

Battery Life and Performance

Battery life and execution, normal battery life has turned out to be shorter as vitality prerequisites increment. Two expressions heard frequently are “my battery won’t take a charge and my battery won’t hold a charge”. Just 30% of batteries sold today come to the four-year point. Truth be told 80% of all battery disappointment is identified with sulfation develop. This development happens when the sulfur atoms in the electrolyte (sulfuric acid) turns out to be so profoundly released that they start to coat the batteries lead plates. After a short time, the plates turn out to be so covered the battery kicks the bucket. The reasons for sulfation are various, given me a chance to show some for you.

Batteries sit too long between charges. As meager as 24 hours in sweltering climate and a few days in cooler climate.

Battery stockpiling, leaving a battery sit without some sort of vitality input.

Profound cycling motor begins battery, recall these batteries can’t stand profound release.

Undercharging of battery, to charge a battery suppose 90% of limit will permit sulfation of battery utilizing the 10% of battery science not reactivated by the fragmented charging cycle.

The warmth of 100+°F increments interior release. As temperatures increment so does inward release. Another completely charged battery left sitting 24 hours per day at 110 degrees F for 30 days would in all probability not begin a motor.

Low electrolyte level, battery plates presented to air will instantly sulfate.

Mistaken charging levels and settings. Most shabby battery chargers can accomplish more harm than help.

The chilly climate is no picnic for the battery the science does not make an indistinguishable measure of vitality from a warm battery. A profoundly released battery can solidify strong in below zero climates.

Parasitic deplete is a heap put on a battery with the key off.

Battery Do’s

  • Think Safety First.
  • Do normal investigation and upkeep particularly in sweltering climate.
  • Do energize batteries promptly after release.
  • Do purchase the most elevated RC hold limit or AH amp hour battery that will fit your arrangement.

Battery Don’ts

  • Try not to include a new electrolyte (corrosive).
  • Try not to utilize an unregulated high yield battery charger to charge batteries.
  • Try not to detach battery links while the motor is running — your battery goes about as a channel.
  • Try not to put off reviving batteries.
  • Try not to include tap water as it might contain minerals that will debase the electrolyte.
  • Try not to release a battery any more profound than you perhaps need to.
  • Try not to give a battery a chance to get hot to the touch and bubble savagely while charging.
  • Try not to blend size and kinds of batteries


  • Guarantee your present battery has fizzled. Here and there, your vehicle’s electrical framework could have an issue. Subsequently, discover the underlying driver of the issue (call us or your workman to check the main driver of the issue).
  • Allude battery assemble measure suggested by your producer in the vehicle manual. Battery gather measure demonstrates the battery estimate that will best fit the physical measurements of your vehicle. Numerous vehicles can suit in excess of one gathering size
  • Before fitting the new battery, check the electrical arrangement of your vehicle
  • Check the wrenching voltage which ought to be in excess of 9.8 volts over the battery terminal
  • Check the alternator charging voltage which ought to be between 13.8V – 14.5V over the battery terminal.
  • Check for freshness
  • Figure out how to translate battery date codes. Or on the other hand, request that your battery retailer ensure you buy the “freshest” battery accessible. A battery that has been perched on the rack for broadened periods can lose a portion of its charge and may not give the execution you require amid its first utilize. You can maintain a strategic distance from such things when you stroll into a store for your battery necessity. Long haul execution likely won’t be imperiled be that as it may, as the battery can be come back to its unique levels of execution with either in-vehicle charging or by utilizing an outer charger. When you purchase an item from a battery store, you can rest guaranteed of a quality item to fulfill your execution needs.
  • Search for a problem free guarantee
  • Is the guarantee legitimate crosswise over India enabling you to get to benefit anyplace you are?
  • To what extent is the free substitution time frame? This will enable you to stay away from any amazements while requesting free substitution.
  • Think about an incentive and in addition cost
  • You should need to get proficient guidance, for which you can stroll into your closest store. We are  happy to offer you help, and additionally bother free establishment and administration. Keep in mind forget when you purchase an item, you get the best esteem. Buy another battery before your current one falls flat.
  • Before you take a long outing, or when you are having your auto adjusted, ensure your battery gets tried. Screen your battery all the time; it will enable you to settle on a buy choice before you are screwed over thanks to a dead battery!. It will spare you a great deal of time and cash not far off. Continuously demand the correct battery show for your application. Request the item choice diagram, check the model of battery that is indicated for your vehicle/application and after that purchase the item.
  • Think about the old battery exchange
  • Guarantee that your battery isn’t discarded in any way other than by storing it with the neighborhood merchant/producer/enlisted recycler/shipper/reconditioner or at the assigned gathering focuses. Furthermore, you get paid for being a capable national! Your merchant will pay you for the dead battery or deduct from the new battery cost!

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