Inverter UPS Battery Care

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How to care for your UPS Inverter battery ?

Follow some of the necessary care for  UPS Inverter battery to get long life & safety.

Battery placement: Always use a well ventilated area for UPS installation.

Battery usage: After installation use battery on a regular basis

Water level check: Check the water level of battery every two months. Ensure that the water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum water limit. Always top up the battery with distilled water.

Cleanliness: Always keep the surface and sides of battery clean and dust free. Use cotton cloth to clean these surfaces

Protection from rusting: Keep the battery terminals corrosion free and rust free.

Safe installation: From safety point of view, install the UPS at safe places in your home which is out of the reach of children or a less used area. But at the same time make sure that it is airy and properly ventilated.

Battery replacement: Replace your battery if it is dead or damaged