• With Old Battery(Same Ah): Rs. 10400
  • Without Old Battery            : Rs. 11800

Key Features:

  • Warranty: 30 Months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata
    Pro-Rata: New battery at pro-rata warranty (Pro-rata warranty discounts will be applicable on prevailing MRP of the new battery).
  • AC Delco DIN100 Description:

    As the name suggests, AC Delco sealed maintenance free batteries come factory sealed which makes them maintenance free. These batteries offer high performance and long life at the most affordable prices. These batteries also have a built in hydrometer.


    • Built in hydrometer- Indicates state of charge.
    • Factory-sealed- Makes these batteries maintenance free.
    • Polypropylene case- Made from strong durable material, can withstand road shock and vibration.
    • Liquid-gas separator area- Returns liquid to reservoir for longer life.
    • Integrated or rope handle- For ease of transport and installation.
    • Flame arrester- Safety system, prevents explosion from sparks outside the battery, minimizes acid leakage, and prevents inflow of dust.
    • Heat sealed covers – Helps prevent electrolyte contamination and increase case strength.
    • Centered cast on plate strap – Stronger than thinner gas-burned conventional connectors.
    • Low resistance envelope separators – Encapsulated negative plates help to prevent shorting / treeing between negative and positive plates as well as aid vibration durability.
    • Increased battery shelf life – Compared to conventional batteries, up to 12 months shelf life without charging due to the use of calcium / calcium grids.
Specifications of AC Delco DIN100:
Battery Capacity 100 Ah
Warranty 60 Months(30 Months Free Of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata)
Dimension (LxWxH) in mm 353x175x190
Battery Layout Left Layout

Additional information

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