Amaron AAM-PR-0055B24LS





  • With Old Battery(Same Ah): Rs. 6000
  • Without Old Battery:        Rs. 6500

Key Feature

  • Battery Capacity: 45 Ah
  • Warranty: 60 Months(30 Months Free Of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata)
  • Warranty: 30 Months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata
    Pro-Rata: New battery at pro-rata warranty (Pro-rata warranty discounts will be applicable on prevailing MRP of the new battery).


  • Amaron AAM-PR-0055B24LS Description

    Amaron PRO batteries are manufactured using world class technology under strict quality control. Technologically advanced, Amaron PRO batteries offer long life and a trouble-free 60 months warranty. Like the other Amaron batteries, Amaron PRO have patented BIC vents for enhanced safety and highest cranking power.


    • High Cranking Power
    • Maintenance Free
    • High Heat Tolerance
    • Vibration Resistance
    • Patented BIC vents for enhanced safety
    • Long Life
    • Highest Reserve Capacity
    • Factory Charged – Ready to Use
    Specifications of Amaron AAM-PR-0055B24LS:
    Battery Capacity 45 Ah
    Warranty 60 Months(30 Months Free Of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata)
    Dimension (LxWxH) in mm 238x129x227
    Battery Layout Left Layout

Additional information

Battery Exchage



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