Exide SF Sonic Gel Inverter Battery


Exide SF Sonic Gel Inverter Battery Price

Battery Model               –  Gel

Battery Voltage (v)       –  12v

Capacity                        –  150Ah

Warranty                        –  48 Months

Expected Life                –  4-5 Years

Battery Type                  –  Lead Acid Flat Plate



Exide SF Sonic Gel Inverter Battery 

Features :

Thicker plates for tough conditions.

Tall din container.

More electrolyte.

Most suitable for deep cycle applications.


Specifications of Exide Inverter Battery Gel Magic 1500

Model Part Number Nominal Voltage (V) Capacity* in Ah Length +/- 3mm Width +/- 3mm Height +/- 3mm upto lid top Weight (kg)+/- 5%
GEL Gel 12 150 401 189 407 50


If Summation ofElectrical Load
Max Inverter Rating System Voltage
Advanced Corrosion resistant Higher tolerance for overcharging
Calcium-Calcium Low self discharge Absolutely maintenance free
Technology for Grid Alloy Reliability at high temperature Suitable for use in extreme conditions
Even after keeping idle for 2 years, 50% of capacity is retained Increased shelf-life
High quality silica gel used in acid as electrolyte Minimum fluctuation in voltage and capacity over high temperature range (-30 ° C to 65° C) Immediate charging after deep discharge not required
Deep discharge resistance is extremely high Excellent recovery from deep discharge
Lower internal temperature rise leads to longer service life High reliability, longer life
Oxygen Extremely low gas extrication (25% of flooded battery) Lesser explosion and fire risk
Recombination Ideal for use where ventilation is poor, labs, industries
Plates surrounded by Gel Lesser tendency of thermal run away. Enhanced cycle life and better performance.
Special plate design Increased protection against grid corrosion. Ability to withstand arduous service conditions
Special paste recipe Enhanced charge acceptance High recharging efficiency
Special profile separator together with low resistant glass mat on flat surface Fully protect the design against internal shorts and plate shedding. High reliability low degradation rate, greater protection against vibrations.
Greater power output. Longer service life.
Lower internal temperature rise.
One way Pressure Relief Valve Consistent opening & closing pressure Better Maintenance Free characteristics

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